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February 20, 2016

What’s the Freedom 251? Five Facts about Freedom 251 Smartphone

Freedom 251 Smartphone was launched on 17 th February, 2016 and was officially available on 18 th February to buy online though their o... thumbnail 1 summary February 20, 2016
Freedom 251 Smartphone was launched on 17th February, 2016 and was officially available on 18th February to buy online though their official website but after getting a lot of hits within just few minutes there servers was goes down because its only costs you around RS: 251, so everyone is crazy about getting this awesome Smartphone.

Many people have different question regarding this product and they want to know that why they are selling such and expensive looking Smartphone on cheap price, so if you’re also one of them who want to know about this Smartphone then you’re on right place because here we will answer your 10 interesting questions.

What’s the Reason Behind that Freedom 251 only Costs your Rs: 261?

This is one of the most asked question that trending on social media that why Freedom 251 costs you only RS: 251? Actually as far as we can tell you that we are using this mobile phone from a day and everything that we can tell you is that it’s working fine for now but you will get all features that you will be able to get in lower-end Android device. Including some of the most popular apps are not working on this Smartphone but in feature may be ringing bells will improve their device to make it more batter.

IS there any Business Model for Selling this Smartphone on Such a Low Cost?

There is only one thing can be analyzed that apps makers will pay to pre-install their apps on Smartphone.

What Type of People are behind This Company?

As far as we know that there is a goal family behind this. They were into agriculture program from over 30 years and are now new into telecom game. Mohit Geol who was at the event and is an Amity University alumnus, don’t say much at the launch time and was mostly directed by his wife Dhahran.
There is not more information about them is revealed yet.

How’s The Build Quality of Freedom 251?

Company has used cheap plastic in phone, so if your phone has fall down then there are chances that it will be totally crashed and can’t be repaired once it broke up. As you know that you can’t be able to get too much quality on cheap price, so it’s not a big issue.

What are the Maintenance Charges for This Smartphone?

As you know that this is cheapest Smartphone and you will be able to buy new one in very cheap price so company has not applied any maintenance charges. 

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